Leavers Ceremony 2018

Today was a special day at nursery as we held our Leavers Ceremony. The children sang for all the parents and friends and then those moving on to primary school all received a book, photo album and a special certificate. We are all very proud of you all and wish you good luck at school.

Let’s Bake!

This week, we have been trying to find a way of using all the over- ripe fruit in the nursery kitchen rather than throw it away. Some of the children helped make banana muffins and the “thumbs up” shows what everyone thought of them!

Telling my own Story

As many children move towards transition to school in the summer, we have been encouraging children to develop expressive language skills and to describe what they draw or paint. Here is an example of this where two girls made a collage and then told us the story to go along with it. This is just the beginning of imaginative writing and a great place to start. Well done Sara and Chantelle.