New Science Project

The chicks may have gone but the children at Stanwell have a new science interest….

We have been watching as our caterpillars get bigger and bigger and are now starting to spin cocoons around themselves. The children helped to pin the cocoons into the butterfly net and are observing closely to see who can spot the first butterfly!

We have also been reading about the Hungry Caterpillar and made our own caterpillars at snack time too!

Eco Week at Stanwell

This week is Eco Week in nursery and today the children were discussing which everyday items can/cannot be recycled. We sorted the rubbish and then took the recyclable things out to the recycle bin. We even took the food waste outside to put in the compost bin. The children have been learning about how recycling can help ” save the planet” through reading stories and are going to be doing a litter pick around the garden.

Meet the Cressheads!

The children had fun this week planting cress seeds into egg shells and adding faces to the shells. As the cress grew it created a cresshead with hair! The activity allowed the children to learn what was needed for the seeds to grow while having lots of fun making the faces.