Fun at the Park

Today, the children had a challenge to take the nursery cameras and tablets to the park and see if they could take lots of photographs of Spring flowers. Everyone worked really hard to spot as many flowers as possible and handled the cameras with care. Well done everyone and thanks to the parent helpers too.

Afterwards there was time for a wee play too!

International Week

At Stanwell Nursery, we like to learn about the culture from our many nationalities and invited parents to come in and share with the children last week. We tasted foods, learned about flags, listened to stories and had a demonstration of henna design. Thank you to all who participated and made it a fascinating week.

Our Nursery Volcano

Last week, one of the children made a “volcano” from the bricks and so to carry on the theme we made a plaster volcano in nursery today. After it was painted, it was filled with some secret ingredients so that it erupted with pretend lava. The children were fascinated and used lots of language to describe what they saw.