Autumn Ramble

Autumn colours has been a theme in nursery this week and so off we all went to Pilrig Park today to see what colour we could find. We worked with a partner to find as many items as we could of different colours and displayed them on our colour sheets.

Music Time

The children enjoyed listening to the ukulele today and were very interested in this new instrument which they thought was a mini guitar!

Adam, who has been on placement with us this week, had learned some of our favourite songs and the children sang along to “wheels on the bus” and ” if you’re happy and you know it”.

Let’s play!

The children all joined in with a new game in the playground today. It was a game to encourage colour recognition and matching as well as waiting to take turns. Everyone got quite competitive when they were organised into 2 teams and asked to match the coloured tubes to the corresponding coloured card. All did well to wait their turn and help their team to finish the game.

A great way to learn our colours and keep fit!