Stay and Play

A big thank you to all the parents who came into nursery today to play with their child during our “Stay and Play” morning. We made swirly dragons as part of the weeks Chinese New Year celebrations and the children enjoyed having the parents join in at singing time.

Chinese New Year

Today was Chinese New Year and the children were learning about some of the customs and celebrations which happen on this special day.

They learned about how children receive lucky money in a little red pocket and made some of their own with chocolate coins.

We also tried to replicate a very long Chinese dragon and had great fun moving it around the nursery!

Celebrating Rabbie Burns Day

The children were learning why 25th January is a special day in Scotland and enjoyed taking part in some Scottish activities. We tried some haggis neeps and tatties, learned to sing “head shoulders knees and toes” in Scots as “heid shouders knees and taes”, before listening to some Scottish ballads sung by one of our parents.

New Arrivals

The children were very interested in these stick insect eggs today. They helped prepare the box and carefully placed the eggs inside before adding some leaves for them to eat once they hatch out.

Hopefully we will have some baby stick insects next week.