Healthy or Not?

Here are some pictures to start off a chat with your child about healthy foods and what we should be eating to keep ourselves fit and well. Talk with the children about the foods and what they are and then suggest which of the foods we should eat a lot of and which foods are fine but in moderation.

Making Letter Shapes

Here are some nice ideas for practising how to make letter shapes. Paper and pencil is only one way of doing this and the short video below will show you some more ways. You can use anything you have in the house such as flour, shaving foam, lentils or even stones to make the letters in your name. Make the letter shape and then keep going over it using your finger until you are more confident. If your child is unsure then take their finger and move it with them until they can do it on their own.

Another idea is to search for the letters in your name in magazines etc and then cut them out and arrange them to spell out your name.

Measuring Fun

Here’s an activity you can do outside or at a sink or even in the bath and all you need is water and some different sized bottles, jugs and containers.

See how many small containers it takes to fill the bigger ones. Have a guess how many it will take before you start as this is an early introduction to estimating!

Also, simply pour water from one container/ bottle to the other as this is good for eye hand co-ordination and fine motor skills but most importantly have fun and cool down with some water play!