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Chick Watch!

It’s that time of year again and the children are enjoying watching the live eggs as they crack and hatch.

We found our first chick this morning when we arrived in nursery and have been watching closely for the next egg to hatch.

Mini Janitors!

Our nursery janitor is on holiday this week and the sand pit needed filled so what should we do?!

No problem, up stepped Liam, Marcel and Max with their wheelbarrows. The boys had great fun and did a great job collecting the sand and filling up the sand pit ready for playtime.

Insect Watch

The warmer weather has meant lots more insects in the nursery garden for the children to observe. Today Kieran found a ladybird and managed to hold it on a twig for the others to see and Viki gently carried a Caterpillar and put it on a leaf so that we could all watch its movement.