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Off Shopping!

The children have set up a shop in nursery this week and we thought it would be a good idea for them to see what happens in a real shopping situation.

Off we went with some money to the supermarket. Firstly, the children knew that they needed to take their shopping to the till. Then they handed over the money, waited for the change and receipt and took the shopping home.

We have all enjoyed looking at the comics we bought and the children now have a better idea of what we need to do when using the “nursery shop”.

World Kindness Day

This week it was World Kindness Day. This gave us a great opportunity to talk to the children about being kind to others, both in and out of nursery.

We started a “Kindness Jar” and the children were rewarded for kind deeds by picking a pom pom to add to the jar. The children were very excited about filling the jar all the way to the top. Well done everyone – what a lot of kind and thoughtful children we have in our nursery.

Meet Cody the Caterpillar

Meet Cody, our new electronic Caterpillar!

The children were very curious about Cody and learned how to programme him to move in different directions. Firstly, the children learned about arrows and how they represent direction – forwards, backwards, left and right. Then they all took turns connecting the individual sections which all have an arrow on them. They were able to make the Caterpillar move where they wanted by plotting a path with the arrows.

Great job everyone!

Celebrating Diwali

Today we celebrated Diwali with the children. We helped make chapati bread from India. We tasted some mini samosa and also made some traditional sweets with coconut.

Diwali is often called the Festival of Lights so many of the children used clay to make some Diwali lamps and painted them silver and gold with a sprinkling of glitter.

To finish the day we had a special Diwali story.