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No Sand! No Problem!

As we wait patiently for a delivery of new sand, the children have found new materials to play with. Shaving Foam can be very interesting as these children found out. They mounded it into shapes, squeezed and pulled it to watch how it changed, talked about how it felt and most importantly, had great fun along the way!

Welcome Videos

The staff and children have been busy making a video for those of you starting nursery this month. Usually you would have had the chance to visit but unfortunately this is not possible right now. The first video is for children starting in room one and the second for those starting in room two. Hope these are useful.

Visit to the Croft

Some of the children braved the rain yesterday to take a trip to “The Croft” , our allotment at Leith Community Garden. Lots of vegetables had been planted last year and now they are ready to be picked. We came home with turnips, potatoes, beetroot, green beans and a very large courgette!

Armed with trowels and wearing our wellie boots, the children collected the vegetables enthusiastically and had to dig deep to hunt for the potatoes!

Once the children have discussed what to do next, watch out for the next post to see what happened to all the vegetables…