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Bug Hunting!

Yesterday, we were making the most of a sunny afternoon and set off to the Links. Firstly, we watched as the bees went in and out of the bee hives at The Croft. The children were able to watch as the bees went about flying from the flowers back into the hives and were learning about how they make honey.

Afterwards the children went about turning over logs and searching for any other bugs they could find – lots of slaters, worms and a few centipedes.

Different ways to Mark Make

This week the children in nursery have been coming up with new and imaginative ways to draw. After the rain had stopped, we realised that we could make pictures in the raindrops.

Connor realised that there was red juice in the berries out in the playground. He stood on one and saw the red colour, went inside to get some paper to put on top and was fascinated wit the bright colour. Afterwards the berries were taken indoors and used to paint pictures. Great imagination everyone!

How do we get Bread?

It’s Harvest Time and today the children were learning about how grain is turned into bread. Firstly, Lynda read The Little Red Hen and then the children had a look at some real corn and wheat. They learned that the corn is then cut and ground into flour which is then used to make bread. We used a grinder to actually grind some grain so that everyone could see the flour forming and then mixed this with some water to make dough. Everyone was fascinated with the corn grinder and found out that it was hard work to tturn the handle and get flour from the grain. Well done everyone.

Bubble Fun

The children in room 2 have been exploring bubbles this week. It started with some tubing in the water tray and the children realised if they blew in the end of the tube it made bubbles. They then observed the different shapes and sizes of the bubble and also noticed that the bubbles changed colour when the sun shone on them.