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A Way to Say Goodbye and Good Luck

It has been very strange times in the last few months and as a result it has been such a shame that the children going on to school in August have missed their last days of attending Stanwell. We would like to say a huge thank you to the children and parents for making our job such a pleasure and would like to say Good Luck to everyone . Hopefully this video will give you all a wee reminder of your time at nursery.

Lockdown Caterpillar

We are going to start a lockdown Caterpillar on the wall outside the nursery from Monday. It will be made from stones which you can decorate with a picture or a message or even turn your stone into an insect or a flower. After you have finished your stone you can take it to the nursery and add it to all the others to make a Caterpillar. I wonder how long we can make it!

I have added a photo with some examples so be creative over the weekend!

Number Treasure Hunt

This is a simple idea to encourage children to identify and order numbers but also to have some fun.

You will need pieces of card or paper with numerals written on them 0-10 ( or 0-20 for children confident working with larger numbers).

Hide the number cards around the room or in the garden for the child to find. As they find a card, get them to tell you which number it is and then clap or stamp out that number. You can help your child find the number cards by telling them they are hot (close) or cold (far away).

As they are found, lay the cards on the floor and get your child to put them in order.