Eco Schools Newsletter

Eco Schools Newsletter

September 2016

Dear Parents/Carers

We are hoping to gain our 3rd green flag in November this year. The topics we are working on are transport, biodiversity, litter, food in the environment, waste management, health and wellbeing and school grounds.

We have our own recycling boxes in the hallway for plastics, tins/cans and cardboard. We would appreciate if you could encourage your child to bring the occasional item from home to place in the appropriate box. We also have boxes for used stamps and batteries.

If your child would like to cycle to nursery they can leave their bike/scooter outside the fire door in room 1 and 2, however the nursery cannot take responsibility for them.

The children will get a turn at being an Eco Warrior, along with a member of staff they will empty the recycling boxes, paper bins and compost bins they will also check the taps are off and pick up litter from the playground (gloves will be provided for this).

The nursery have a plot at the croft in Leith links where we grow various vegetables. We also grow vegetables and fruit in our nursery garden, this year we have harvested potatoes, peas, beans, beetroot, lettuce, apples and strawberries. If you are interested in helping to maintain the garden just speak to Gillian or Lynda.

We are having an Eco open day on September 27th at 10.45am and 12.20pm to inform you about the Eco work we do in the nursery. We hope you will be able to join us for a chat and cuppa.

Finally we are still in need of some new faces on our Eco Committee, if you can help spare half an hour per term and would like to join us speak to Gillian or Lynda.

Kind regards

Gillian and Lynda