Standards, Quality and Improvement Plan

Stanwell Nursery School

Summary for Parents/carers

Nursery self evaluation

  • 1.1 Improvements in performance

Almost all children are making very good progress across all areas of the curriculum. Children’s experiences improved significantly across most of the targeted priority areas of literacy, numeracy and health and wellbeing. The nursery’s work towards our third green flag continues, supported by our partnership with Crops in Pots. Staff continue to innovate in their use of planning formats and trackers – they have become confident in the use of Ipads to record children’s learning and continue to use a floorbook planning format to increase children’s involvement.

We had an unusually high number of children with very significant additional support this session – all made very good progress, and the nursery worked successfully with other agencies to support their development.

Next steps

Changes to planning system – fortnightly curriculum plan, regular discussion of children’s progress.

Further develop staff use of Up, Up and Away resource

Use of Building the Ambition for CPD

Streamline Trackers

Work with Multicultural Family Base on supporting bilingual families in the transition to nursery

2.1 Children’s experiences

The quality of children’s experiences is very good. Staff judge that almost all children are highly motivated and actively involved in high quality learning experiences. Almost all parents/carers report that their child enjoys coming to nursery and makes good progress and visitors regularly comment on the happy, positive atmosphere. Staff at Stanwell are very skilled in developing warm, positive relationships with the children. The nursery has several ways of ensuring children’s views are sought and acted upon (circle time, PLPs, floorbooks, planning process, questionnaires, daily group discussions) and we are confident they are effective. The nursery is well known in the local community for its positive and inclusive ethos.

Next steps

EAL as development priority – refresh staff training, pilot project with MCFB, Family Learning sessions

Continue to work with Crops in Pots to develop garden area and croft plot

Increase staff time for discussion of children’s progress

Introduce learning board for children to further develop children’s voice.

5.1 The Curriculum

We continue to offer a very good curriculum for our children. It is clearly grounded in the values and purposes of CfE and in the shared values of integrated working outlined in the Early Years Strategy and the purposes and objectives of the Children and Young People’s Act. It is firmly child-centred and designed to enable all children to achieve to the best of their ability, in ways that match their needs and interests. It is underpinned by an educational philosophy based on play and active learning and offers appropriate levels of breadth and challenge. It has an appropriate focus on literacy, numeracy and health and wellbeing across all learning, and makes good use of interdisciplinary learning to allow children to make progress, make links in learning or apply learning in new contexts. Transition work is given a high priority. Home to nursery transition is supported by PEEP, and nursery to school transition by a range of events and visits.

Next steps

Transition to nursery project with MCFB for BME and bilingual families

HT to continue to take lead role in Forum and EY cluster work

Expressive Arts focus – staff already attended CPD on Starcatchers work and Magic of Music

English as an Additional Language CPD for staff

Possible baby PEEP in term 2

Share information about the curriculum more effectively with parents/carers – more learning walls.

5.3 Meeting Learning Needs

Meeting the learning needs of our children is at the heart of our work at Stanwell. The nursery is very well equipped and staff make effective and imaginative use of resources to develop appropriate, challenging and creative learning opportunities.

Children are encouraged to make their own choices in their learning, and to influence provision through curricular plans. This year, staff have made very good use of the wider environment in providing a number of learning experiences for the children.

Many of our children have an additional support need (including 47% who are bilingual)– all staff are experienced in identifying needs and are proactive in consulting with all partners to identify any supports required. The nursery embraces the GIRFEC procedures and is well known in the community for its multi-agency working.

Next steps

Implement Language Boost programme

Partnership projects with MCFB and Family Learning

Continue to use Teaching Talking assessment and develop staff confidence in Up, Up and Away.

Staff to learn some basic Polish vocabulary

5.9 Self-evaluation

The nursery is committed to continuous improvement through its self-evaluation process. There are effective, rigorous systems in place to gather the views of all stakeholders. The HT has a collegiate style which encourages suggestion and comment, and values the sense of common purpose, respect and mutual support which exists within the Stanwell community.

The views of staff, children, parents/carers and he wider community are all integral to nursery improvement.

Next steps

Revise self evaluation calendar

Re-introduce weekly drop-in coffee mornings for parents/carers

Share online journals more fully with children and use Ipads to consult with chidren

Set up a curriculum notice board in both classrooms for parents/carers

Increased monitoring and evaluation by HT

Introduce regular staff swaps between rooms

Priorities for 2015-16


Curriculum for Excellence (focus on Literacy, Numeracy and Expressive Arts)

Staff Development and Wellbeing

Environment Ecology and Outdoor Play

SQIP 2015-2016 Stanwell