Learning through play

Learning Through A Curriculum for Excellence

Successful Learners, Confident Individuals, Effective Contributors, Responsible Citizens

Children learn best when motivated and enthusiastic; therefore our curriculum is child-centered, taking as its starting point the needs and interests of children. They enter nursery with considerable knowledge and experience gained over their first three years of life. We in nursery must tap into this experience to encourage children to feel confident and secure and to extend their learning through carefully planned play activities and experiences based on close observation of their play.

Starting nursery is a big step; it is often a child’s first major social experience outwith the home and family environment. Our experienced nursery staff, therefore, are skilled in the development of warm, caring relationships with children,which allow them to express their needs and wants confidently.

As they progress through nursery, children gradually learn to become more independent and to form positive relationships with others, particularly other children. Through social play, they come to appreciate the importance of taking others’ needs and feelings into account in their own actions.

They also learn to care for both their immediate environment and the wider world around them, through work in the garden with minibeasts and plants.

Finally, and very importantly for us, the ethnic and cultural diversity of our nursery fosters awareness and understanding of a variety of values, attitudes and religious views.

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