Not apples again!

We have fruit for snack every day at nursery but quite often it is the same fruits so today we learned about some different fruits. The children watched as papaya, guava, pomegranate, passion fruit and mango were cut open so that they could observe the different textures and appearances. Afterwards, everyone had a chance to taste the fruits and then make a fruit kebab. Everybody was willing to try each one and some of the fruits were more popular than others but the children are now more aware of the variety of fruits that are available.

Taking Maths Outdoors

Today, some of the children went to Pilrig Park to practise their counting and measuring skills outdoors. We used what we could find in the park to help with counting forwards and backwards and making dice patterns. We also used sticks for measuring and had fun estimating with “drop the stick” game.

Bug Hunting!

Yesterday, we were making the most of a sunny afternoon and set off to the Links. Firstly, we watched as the bees went in and out of the bee hives at The Croft. The children were able to watch as the bees went about flying from the flowers back into the hives and were learning about how they make honey.

Afterwards the children went about turning over logs and searching for any other bugs they could find – lots of slaters, worms and a few centipedes.