Litter Pick-Up

It ‘s been so windy lately that lots of rubbish has blown into the playground and looks very messy. Yesterday some of the children were noticing all the rubbish and so today we got out the litter pickers and had a bit of a tidy. It now looks much better!

Let’s all retell the story!

After reading Goldilocks and the three bears at story time, the children were challenged to retell the story in the afternoon using props. They were surprised that no book was involved and were able to sequence the main events using pictures of the bears, bowls, chairs and beds. They even managed to use different voices for the different bears. Great job everyone.

Making Shadow Pictures

Today, the children were listening to a story involving shadows. It created a lot of discussion about how we get shadows and why they look different sizes. In the afternoon, we used a projector and a blank screen to project the shadows of toy animals for the children to identify and then they made their own patterns with their hands. We will continue the theme by having torches in the playroom for the children to investigate how the size of the shadow will change depending how close the torch is to the item.