Winter is here!

Today in nursery, the children have been helping put up a winter tree and adding snow and frost. We have been looking at pictures of winter and the clothes we need to wear. We also looked at robins and the red colour on their tummies, before cutting and painting our own robins and adding them to the tree.

Great job everyone!

Grand Christmas Jar Sale

After the success of the Jar Sale last year, we will again be holding this Christmas Event on Friday 15th December. We are asking parents to fill and decorate glass jars with sweets and small toys and these will be sold for £1 in aid of nursery funds.

Jars can be brought into nursery any time before the 15th and the more jars the better!

Here are a few examples from last year

Forest Nursery

We had fun last week at our Forest Nursery. Here we are doing lots of different things: We made mud and did mud painting. We gathered leaves and hung them on the washing line with little pegs. We made a den, and had great fun with a very long rope. Lying in the hammock looking up at the sky was very relaxing!! You will see how much we are learning in every area of the curriculum and that we are successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors.

Well done everyone!


We have been experimenting with colours this week and the children have been mixing using brushes, pipettes and marbling to create fantastic art work. We even dissolved some skittles and watched the colours mix and run into one another. Ben thought this looked like a rainbow!

Great fun has also been had with some coloured discs as the children have been looking at how they change the colours all around them.