Take Home Bears

The nursery has started sending two Bears home with the children at weekends for a little adventure. The bears spend the weekend with each family and record what they get up to in a diary. During the week, each child will share with the class what the Bears enjoyed doing.

This is a great way of building imaginative play and also for communication skills.

Road Safety Week

This week, we have been focusing on road safety and the children have taken part in a variety of activities to reinforce the importance of crossing the road safely at the correct locations.

We had a pretend zebra crossing to practise on before we all went for a walk around the area to use the crossings in a real life situation. The children made traffic light biscuits with red, yellow and green smarties.

We also used technology to learn by playing some games on the tablets devised by Children’s Traffic Club.

Hopefully we will all be safe and remember to keep an adults hand when crossing.