Thank you and Goodbye

We were all really sad to say goodbye to Guilia this week after being in nursery as a student for the last 4 months. Yesterday, the children made her some cakes which we all enjoyed and a lovely card. We even persuaded her to sing our favourite animal song in Italian for us before she left and the children enjoyed joining in with the actions.

Construction Fun

Some of the children had to do some real problem solving last week with our new magnetic construction set. It has many parts and also some units that can be operated with a remote control. The children worked out how to build a robot that walked forwards and backwards with flashing eyes, arms that turned around and an on-off button. It took some working out but the children got there in the end with some help and encouragement from Judy.

They also made some vehicles that they could operate by remote control too. Great job everyone.

Hunting for Treasure!

Some of the children were playing with a rolled up place mat last week and pretending it was a treasure map. One of the children asked if we could go on a treasure hunt which was a great idea. We used teabags to stain paper which made it look old, let it dry then scrunched it up to make it look like a real treasure map. To complete the activity, we went outside today with our maps to look for treasure!