Numbers All Around Us!

As part of a focus on numbers, some of the children went for a walk around the area last week and took photographs of as many numbers as they could. We talked about all the numbers back in nursery and why we need to have them and recognise them in order to go about our lives. Great job everyone.

Busy First Week Back!

It’s great to be back at nursery for a new session and lovely to welcome back our returning children this week.

It’s been a busy week and today both classes went out for trips. Room 1 went to The Croft to harvest some of the vegetables planted earlier in the year. We picked potatoes carrots and beetroot and say lots of flowers and butterflies.

Room 2 went to Portobello Beach and had great fun travelling on the bus and playing in the sand.

East Links Trip 2019

We all had a fantastic time on our annual trip to East Links yesterday. The sun came out and all the children had the chance to explore the park and use all the gross motor skills they have been developing this year. It was a lovely end to their nursery adventure and we would all like to take this opportunity to wish all our children good luck in their new schools.

Butterfly Time

Over the last few weeks, the children have been waiting patiently for our caterpillars to spin cocoons and then emerge as butterflies. We have been reading the story of “The Hungry Caterpillar” and there has been a lot of interesting butterfly art work too.