Learning through play: eco schools


Eco Schools

Caring for our environment is very important to us at Stanwell and in April 2014, we were delighted to achieve our second  Green Flag. For this we learned about keeping healthy, reducing litter, food and the environment, caring for our garden and recycling waste. We held an eco week, a health week and an international week, and managed to grow a wide range of fruit and vegetables in our garden. We are now working towards our third Green Flag.

Stanwell Eco Rap
Here at Stanwell we try to be an Eco Friendly School
Recycling and gardening, it makes us really cool
We think about the Environment, composting and healthy food,
And exercising our bodies puts us in a very good mood.

We bought new wooden pots to grow our very own fruit and veg
We planted shrubs and bushes to make a colourful hedge
We’ve used our nursery compost to fill the lovely tubs
And hope that we get visits from insects, birds and grubs.

Sprights and lots of exercise are the things that we are doing
Recycling all the paper- using boxes for our gluing
Eating healthy snacks and fruit to keep our bodies strong
But sweets, fizzy drinks and cakes are very, very wrong!

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