Nursery Newsletter

6th February 2018

Dear Parents/Carers

First of all can I apologise for the lack of a newsletter last month. As many of you will know, I was absent for most of the month due to a family bereavement, closely followed by a bad dose of flu. Many thanks to the nursery staff, who worked hard to keep things running smoothly in my absence. A number of new families have already joined us – we hope you all enjoy the time you spend with us.

We have already had a busy start to our term. The children have been enjoying some “wintry” activities to go with the wintry weather, and (with the thought of spring in our minds) are already looking for the bulbs emerging in the garden. We have celebrated the birthday of the Scottish national poet, Robert Burns, and, immediately after the February break, will be celebrating Chinese New Year.


The photographer will be making her annual visit to take class photos on Tuesday 6th February. Individual and family photos will be taken later in the year.

School Entry

All preschool children should now be registered for school. Staff are currently in the process of checking this with you. If you are unsure whether your child will be ready to move on to school in August, please discuss your concerns with a member of staff. Application forms for deferral are available in nursery – just ask a member of staff. For children who were born in Jan/Feb 2014, deferral is automatically granted when requested. For children born before then, an application, with supporting evidence has to be completed, and will be considered by the early years managers.  Both forms have to be sent in by the end of March.


The first meeting of the Parents’ Forum for this term will take place on Friday 9th February, 9am in the staffroom. All are welcome to attend. Among other things, we will be discussing our International Week, which will take place on the week beginning 26th February. During this week, we would like to invite any interested parents/carers from countries other than Scotland to come and show us a little of their culture – either by reading a story in their own language, by making something for snack, or showing us some artefacts from their home country. Please come along to the meeting if you would like to take part. We feel very privileged to have families from so many different cultures in our nursery – it’s a great way for children and staff to learn about the world.

Big Cook, Little Cook

After the February break, Lynda will be running some parent/child cooking sessions on Tuesday afternoons in Room 3. If you are interested in attending a future group, please speak to Lynda.

Healthy Lifestyle

During March, we will be focusing once again on healthy living. Events will include a healthy eating day, a dental health day and, weather permitting, bike riding in Pilrig Park!

Bedtime Stories

Our Bedtime Stories library continues to be a huge hit! We see many of you borrowing books several times a week, which is great. If you and your child are not taking advantage of this free resource, please have a look at the bookstalls in the classroom. No form-filling is required. All we ask is you use the clear plastic bags provided, and bring back one book before you borrow another. If you have lost your child’s bag, please ask a member of staff for a replacement. We really would like everyone to make use of this great resource.

Parent consultations

Parent/carer consultations for our younger children – those not in their preschool year – will be held during the week beginning Monday 19th March. Your child’s key worker will speak to you to arrange an appointment. Later appointments with some staff will also be available on Wednesday 21st March (3.30-5pm). You will be able to add your name to the lists in the classrooms nearer the time.

Health Issues

Unfortunately, there have been a couple of cases of chickenpox in nursery this term. We would hope not to have a full-scale outbreak, but it is very infectious, so please be on the lookout for symptoms.

We seem to have been free of headlice so far this session, which is great. However, please continue to check your child’s head regularly, and treat any signs promptly. Pharmacy staff can advise you on the current recommended treatments.

Finally, can I remind you that it is council policy that children suffering from sickness and/or diarrhoea must not return to nursery until they have been clear of symptoms for 48 hours. This is to protect other children, and prevent any major epidemic.

Some holiday dates

February week All break Friday, 9th February
All return Monday, 19th February
Easter holidays Last day of term Thursday, 29th March
Children return Tuesday, 17th April
May Day holiday Nursery closed Monday, 7th May
Inservice (staff only) Tuesday, 8th May
Children return Wednesday, 9th May
Victoria Day holiday Nursery closed Monday, 21stMay

Can I remind you as always to close the nursery gate, even when the children are inside the nursery? We do not want any of our children to escape.

Best wishes,

Alison Smith

Head Teacher