Nursery Newsletter

6 December 2021

Dear Parents/Carers

December is on us already and it is beginning to feel like winter is settling in. Since the October holiday we have been busy celebrating Halloween, Diwali and bonfire night and we are now making all the preparations for Christmas.

Joining the two playrooms

As many of you will be aware we have been planning to open the dividing doors between our two playrooms creating one play space for the children. We have taken the first step in this process and the doors are now open. So far this has gone well and, overall, children have enjoyed the extra space to play in. Some comments from children have included:

            “It’s so fantastic because I love all the toys.” (Lucia)

            “There is so much fun you play with everyone.” (Jasmine)

            “More toys and more friends.” (Leila)

            “There are more toys.” (Mia)

            “It’s so much fun.” (Gwenda)

            Patrick likes it “because there is so much space” and Amira gave a thumbs up  and a smile.

We are keen to hear any comments about the room changes your child may have mentioned at home. We also welcome any suggestions or comments from you.

Some of the benefits that staff have noted:

  • new friendships are being formed
  • the play space seems calmer and the noise levels have dropped
  • the children are enjoying being able to access the two different outdoor spaces
  • it feels like there are more staff in the play space, and
  • there is more opportunity to spend quality time in the areas with the children.

Over the next few weeks we will be observing the children and taking their lead in how the play space will develop and how the routine of the day will be shaped.

Staff will be starting to work on a rota basis over both rooms so you will get to meet all our staff over the coming weeks.

We are at the very start of this process and, as with all change, there may be unforeseen blips and problems. As a staff team we are committed to work together to adapt and solve any issues to ensure the children continue to receive high-quality care and play-based learning opportunities. 

Dates for your diary

  • Christmas lunch       Wednesday 15 December
  • Christmas party        Friday 17 December (11.00am–1.30pm)
  • Christmas holiday    Monday 20 December to Wednesday 5 January 2022 (children return on Thursday 6 January)
  • February holiday      Monday 14 to Friday 18 February 2022  (children return on Monday 21 February)

Christmas party

The Christmas party will be held on the final day of term (Friday 17 December). To allow us to prepare the rooms for the party we ask that you bring your children to nursery for just the party hours on that day (11.00am–1.30pm). To make up the hours you have lost we will be offering you an extra half an hour a day from Tuesday 7 December until Wednesday 15 December. This will be offered at the end of the day so children on these days can be picked up at 3.00pm instead of 2.30pm.

Christmas holiday

Please be reminded that the nursery will be closed from Monday 20 December and reopen for children on Thursday 6 January.

Outdoor play

We are committed to providing outdoor play for the children whatever the weather. Our doors to the outdoor areas will open at 8.15am and close at 2.15pm and children will be free to choose to play indoors or outside. Whilst outside the children will play with mud, sand, water, paints and many other resources. Children will get wet and sometimes dirty. We have a number of waterproof suits and wellies for the children to use whilst outside but sometimes water and other materials will seep through. Please make sure you provide a change of clothes for your child so we can change them should they get wet, muddy or dirty.

In line with Scottish Government COVID guidelines we need to have windows and doors open at all times. As the weather is turning colder we ask you to dress your child in layers to help them keep warm within the nursery.

Play policy

Play is regarded as the best way our young children learn and contributes greatly to children’s learning in many areas including language, arts, culture, science, maths and technology. At Stanwell Nursery we place great emphasis on children’s play.

With this in mind we have started work on our play policy. If you have any views, ideas or would like any input on what should be added to the policy please contact me either in person or by email:

We hope to send out a draft policy in the new year for consultation and we welcome your feedback.

Fund raising

Thank you all so much for your kind donations from the sponsored brick build. The children had a great time taking part in the activity and the money will help us to give the children a great Christmas party. We will let you know how much we have raised once all the sponsor money has been collected.

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and look forward to welcoming you back in the new year.

Warmest wishes,

Nick Reynolds

Head of Centre