Nursery Newsletter

26th June 2020

Dear Parents/Carers

I will be continuing to send updates to families returning to nursery throughout the summer, but I thought I’d touch base with everyone before the end of term.

August Opening

I must apologise for not being in touch earlier, but you will understand that things are changing very rapidly – information given to us on Monday around return to primary and secondary schools is now completely out of date, and it looks like children could be back in schools full time in August.

Unfortunately, the government has not as yet clarified the position on early learning and childcare, so we are still working on the guidance they gave us on 15th June. Please be aware that this might well change in the near future, so don’t regard it as being set in stone.

The message from City of Edinburgh Council is “We await further information from the Scottish Government and will share this with you when it becomes available over the summer holidays.”

What I can say is that all nursery children will have at least 2 full days/week in nursery from August.

This is the current position, but please be aware it might change. As soon as I am made aware of any changes I will pass them on to you. Before August, once the situation is clarified, I will provide you with detailed information about how the nursery will operate, and how children, staff and parents will be kept safe.


Staff have been busy distributing packages to our leavers – if you haven’t received one yet, you will soon. They were delighted to see some of you when they were handing over the gifts and couldn’t believe how much the children have grown.

I am sure that your new schools have all been in touch – it’s not at all been a normal transition, but we have been reassured that the children’s primary one experience will be very play-based, and will focus heavily on nurture and wellbeing, in order to make the transition as easy as possible.

We put together a wee goodbye video on the website, and on your child’s learning journals, and hope you enjoyed watching it. Very many thanks to Claire for collating this, and for all the hard work she has done on the website over the closure period.

Thanks also to the children for all the pleasure they have given us over the year and to you too for all your support. Our very best wishes go with you in your new adventures.


This year, it’s not just the children who are moving on – I will be leaving too! I will retire in August, not to leave children behind, but to spend more time with my grandchildren!

It has been an absolute privilege to work at Stanwell. I have spent almost all my working life here and have so enjoyed the diversity and sense of community that make Leith (and Stanwell) so special.

While I am sad to go, I know I leave Stanwell in safe hands. I know that staff will continue to nurture the children, and uphold the values of warmth, respect and kindness which so characterise their work. I cannot thank them enough for all they have done.

All the very best for the future,


Alison Smith

Head Teacher